When I was little I told my dad, “I’m not much of a walker and a talker.  I’m more of a wanderer and a ponderer.”
I guess posting here might count as talking, but I sit while I do it.

I’m Nash.  I write fiction, plays, poems, and songs.  I’m drawn to just about anything that lets me create.

  • This blog is the central hub for any sort of creative mischief I’m brewing.
  • My tumblr is a mix of music I’m listening to, thoughts I’m thinking, and the day-to-day grit of the projects I’m working on.  I also occasionally reblog things that I find interesting.
  • My twitter is usually a reflective and occasionally a sardonic commentary of my life and the world itself, though I sometimes make things up entirely.
  • The Street Nymphs bandcamp page hosts my central music projects, including my first album The Night Wind.
  • My Soundcloud page offers a few improv recordings/whatever I feel like posting, often available for free download.

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