Blog ressurection, projects, and more

October 13, 2011

We used to do this thing on RPG forum sites called thread-necroing, where we would dig up some ancient, pointless post, full of trolls, flaming, and general sound and fury–a post that was just about to hit the cutoff line and be deleted from the server–and bump it up to the top with a new comment.  Anyway, I feel like this is a bit of blog-necroing.

I started this WordPress account a long time ago for some reason or another (because someone told me to, maybe?), and I quickly learned that I was a terrible blogger.  I lacked the grace and casual fluidity of a laid-back blogging voice, and, well, it took me forever to write a post.  I hung in there for a while, posting a little less than once a month, but eventually I called it quits for the sake of time.

Now I am in a predicament.  I’ve been developing a whole slew of creative projects, and I’m right on the cusp of putting some of them out for the public (more on this later).  However, I don’t have a stable, professional internet presence to send people to.  My twitter, though witty at moments, is hardly mature, let alone professional, and my tumblr may have occasional updates about what I’m doing, but it is hardly organized.  So, I think, my solution lies here; in the hallowed halls of the Wandering Ponderer (I still wander, you know? Perhaps more frequently by bicycle, nowadays).

So here’s the deal.  I’m resurrecting this blog with a more focused purpose: to keep readers/subscribers/digital drifters up-to-date on whatever creative projects I have brewing.  Yes, there will be the occasional off-topic post about my bird or Quetzalcoatl, but my priority will be creative works.

Well which project is coming up next?  Glad you asked.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing and developing a ghost story (illustration close-up here) called “The Blue Wasp” which I am going to hand-publish (write, illustrate, print, bind, and mail) and distribute through Kickstarter.  I don’t want this to be my last hand-publishing endeavor, so I want people to have a place to go to keep up with further hand-published stories, as well as the other sorts of trouble I’m causing.  Once again, that’s where this comes in.  Consider this blog home base for everything I’m up to.

More later,

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